Kevin D. Cook (Odell, TX)

            Musician/Composer (Saxophone, Keyboards, Guitar)

Now days spending time traveling the USA towing my teardrop camper with my bicycles for hiking and bikepacking adventures.

Canyon Love from Kevin Cook on Vimeo.

Next Chapter (Keyboard, Acoustic Guitar, and Alto Sax) by K.D. Cook

Sadness (Classical sounding with piano, cello, and violin) by K.D. Cook

The Walk (Peculiar bass slide and rhodes groove like a weird walk) by K.D. Cook

The View (Sentimental leaving view with acoustic guitar, grand piano, and strings) by K.D. Cook

TREKin (A long bike ride with distorted electric guitar, acoustic guitar, hammond B3, grand piano, strings, and synth) by K.D. Cook

Busybody (High anxiety chaos on the verge of insanity finding relief in the peace of a piano) by K.D. Cook

Contributed Freesound samples and recordings


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