Kevin D. Cook (Odell, TX)

            Musician/Composer (Saxophone, Keyboards, Guitar)

Canyon Love from Kevin Cook on Vimeo.

Pond5.com.com Royalty Free Stock compositions available as an exclusive Pond 5 artist (AKA - Melodic Trails)

Check out The Red Hot Road Dogs! Teamed up with other songwriter/musicians to write a new album of music coming out November 1, 2023.

Creative Commons samples:

Next Chapter (Keyboard, Acoustic Guitar, and Alto Sax) by K.D. Cook

The Walk (Peculiar bass slide and rhodes groove like a weird walk) by K.D. Cook

Busybody (High anxiety chaos on the verge of insanity finding relief in the peace of a piano) by K.D. Cook

Contributed Freesound samples and recordings


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