Kevin D. Cook (Odell, TX)

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All music composed, recorded, and performed by Kevin D. Cook is free to download and use however you want under creative commons license indicate below.

Sadness (Classical sounding with piano, cello, and violin) by K.D. Cook - upload date 06/30/2014

The Walk (Peculiar bass slide and rhodes groove like a weird walk) by K.D. Cook - upload date 07/02/14

The View (Sentimental leaving view with acoustic guitar, grand piano, and strings) by K.D. Cook - upload date 07/02/14

TREKin (A long bike ride with distorted electric guitar, acoustic guitar, hammond B3, grand piano, strings, and synth) by K.D. Cook - upload date 07/02/14

Busybody (High anxiety chaos on the verge of insanity finding relief in the peace of a piano) by K.D. Cook - upload date 07/02/14

Contributed Freesound samples and recordings

please check back for new uploads weekly....thanks for listening

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Creative Commons License
All Music by K.D. Cook is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.